The FMD+ Automate system runs as a service on Windows and as a scheduled job on Linux. The system scans a work directory or a local Database for the requests. The Automate system is very useful if you wish to integrate the FMD process into your existing systems and have the FMD part of the process happen automatically.

Examples of this would be:

Warehouse Operation at Goods Inward

A warehouse might use the FMD+ scan app to scan in all of the received goods. The box of goods would then be verified with the portal. An automate request could be made to have that transaction brought into your Stock control routines.

Warehouse Operation needing Article 23 / Export Deregistration

If your warehouse supplies goods to customers who are deemed as export or are exempt from FMD under Article 23 then it is your responsibility to deregister the packs prior to supply. If you picking system knows which packs have been assembled for the order the despatch process could write a request for Automate to pick up and send to the portal to have the goods deregistered automatically.

There are many places where it is necessary to integrate the FMD process into your processes. FMD+ Automate provides a solution that gives you compliance without the need for your IT staff to get involved with the detail of the regulations.

The system is available for companies with a need for automation across the whole enterprise.

FMD+ Scan offers an integration solution to FMD compliance for any size of business.

CSV / XML Requests

The system will scan a directory for request files to be created. The request file can be in CSV or XML format. The filename used indicates whether the transaction is a Verify or deregistration and the content holds the items to be processed.

Pull Transactions

Automate can be used to pull transactions off the portal. This can be very useful when transactions are to be used in further systems processes.

Push Transactions

Data being generated within anther system can write requests to Automate to have packs pushed up to the portal for processing.


The Automate system works on both Linux and Windows servers. The former as a cron job that sits within the server continuously scanning for work, the latter as a service.

Email Notifications

The FMD+ Automate system has an email notification system built in. This is used to advise you of any transaction with errors to allow for exceptions in the process.