The portal ensures central compliance by holding the company NMVS / EMVS connection centrally. It also provides management for users, locations and devices.

For companies with a single user at a single location or many users over the hole enterprise.

FMD+ SDK offers an integration solution to FMD compliance for any size of business:


From the online portal as a user or a manager you can see all of the FMD transactions for the whole company. Setting filters and using the search facility allows historic focus on transactions by user / device / location / product / batch or serial number.

User Security

As a user you can view and update your profile including your password. As a manager you can see and change all users, you can deactivate users who may have left the company and you can sign new users up to the system.

Location Security

As a manager you can view and change all of the company’s locations / addresses. The Lat / Long coordinates can be entered manually or alternatively the manager has a facility in the App to set location to current position. To complete the Geo-fence the manager should enter a radius in metres which will work out from that point.

Cost Effective

With all of the portal system hosted in a data centre in Newcastle you do not require any expensive hardware or personnel to manage the system. This is all done as part of the package. The system is monitored by alerting software with engineers on standby 24/7.

Centralised Management

The portal receives transaction requests from all of the user devices out in the field. These are all logged and processed in strict chronological order. The user software has been written in such a way that means that it can keep on adding transactions to the portal at the speed of the user. The software polls the portal for the results on a regular basis.

The advantage of using a centralised approach is that should there be any changes required to the conversation with the NMVS this can be applied by the software engineers at the portal and this will upgrade all users simultaneously as there would be no changes required at the user end.


The portal protects you against errors that may occur in your transaction request. This may include trying to deregister a pack twice or trying to perform a transaction on the NMVS with invalid serial / batch or expiry date. These are known as yellow errors or warnings.

Ease of Use

The portal has been written using the latest MVC languages available from Microsoft. This gives you and your company a platform that can be operated on day one by staff who do not need any training to understand how to operate the platform.