The Scan app allows the user to see a log of all that has been scanned and displays the results onto the log screen. For those in a warehouse environment the app has a box mode and for retail dispensing it has the single scan mode.

The app is available for companies with a single user at a single location or many users over the whole enterprise.

FMD+ Scan offers a solution to FMD compliance for any size of business.

Single Scan

This mode allows you to have the unit sat on the dispensing bench and when a product is scanned the app simply send that off to either verify or deregister straight away without any other buttons to press. This makes it quick and efficient to work this into the normal dispensing process. Just as you would change the camera on your phone from single shot to video the mode can be changed from verify to deregister easily and quickly.

Box Mode

In a warehouse or bulk situation the app can work in box mode. This mode gives you the ability to process a full batch of goods together. In this mode after scanning all the product you can add your own reference and description to the transaction before saving it for processing by the portal.

You do not need to worry about what is in the box the portal will work out what type of transaction will need to be done for compliance with the NMVS.

2D Scanner

The app can work with most 2D scanners as long as they can scan the GS1 Datamatrix bar code. The scanner can be connected to the device either using USB or Bluetooth connections. During the development process we have tested the scanning using fixed bench, cradle held Bluetooth personal ring scanners and units with scanners integrated into the device.


For devices with a camera attached you can use the app in this mode. We have found that there is a variety of cameras some work better than others due to their resolution and their autofocus ability.

Manual Entry

There may be times when the 2D bar code has become unreadable. To allow the product to be processed the app has a manual entry mode where the human readable information can be keyed in.


The app has been written to work across 3 different platforms. It can be loaded onto a Windows 10 workstation, a range of Android devices and the full range of Apple mobile phone / iPod IOS devices. This gives you the choice of what works best for your business.

Manager Options

The app allows your managers out in the field to access the company locations. They can add new ones and can set the Geo-fence for the location they are in at the time. The Geo-fence is a simple record of latitude and longitude of the location with an associated radius. I.e. From the Lat / Long of my dispensary draw a circle of 100 metres. When a user wants to login to start scanning the unit will only offer your users the Geo-fence circles available where they are.

Training Mode

Your users can choose to select the demo mode instead of logging in. In this mode the user can select the demo location that is created where they are and they can then use the unit as normal. The portal will process the transactions for the demo without sending them to the NMVS and the user will see the results on the screen as if they were working in a live environment. The demo database gets reset daily at midnight so it can be used as often as you wish to give your staff training and confidence in the process.