The EU regulation comes into force on February 9th 2019. This regulation has been adopted by the UK parliament and has been transferred with all other laws into the new Brexit bills.


As global trade and the Internet keep on growing it has become much easier for people to pass goods off as genuine. Counterfeiting in medicine products is becoming more prevalent and countries are now adopting systems to protect the legitimate supply of products to protect the industry and importantly the patients.

Systems are already operating in America and Germany and the EU has formulated a directive for all European countries to adopt a system that protects all European citizens.

The FMD registration database tracks all medicines from the manufacturer through to the patient in a unified way across the whole of Europe.


The European Medicines Verification System (EMVS) stores all the identification information of all packs of medicine in the EU. The European EMVS shares the pack information with smaller systems run by each country (National medicine verification system – NMVS).

Manufacturers (MAH’s) apply a 2D bar code to each pack along with a tamper proof seal (TPS) to their products and upload the bar codes to the EMVS.

Authorised wholesale distributors pass on the verified products to their customers.

Pharmacies, Dispensing doctors, Clinics and Hospitals scan and verify the bar code against the NMVS. The status of the product is then sent back as “active” or “inactive”. A product that is “inactive” indicates that it is not available this could be because it has been withdrawn on a product recall, Expiry date has been exceeded or it has already been dispensed, written off or stolen. A product that is “Active” indicates that the product is safe to dispense to your patient.

Once a product has been disppensed it is scanned by the dispenser and DeRegistered from the NMVS / EMVS.

How does FMD+ help my business?

FMD+ is a web platform that holds all of your FMD transactions in one place. Your company can be a single user in one location or many users across hundreds of locations.

Each user sets and maintains their own passwords to the system and each location has a geo-fence around it so that they can only be used by users who are present in the location.

The FMD+ platform performs all of the communication with the NMVS / EMVS. This means that in the event of any technical changes asked for by the regulatory authority they can be implemented on the platform without any users needing to worry.

Scanning and sending transactions to the platform could not be easier!

  • Pop the scan device onto your bench connect it to your broadband and login
  • Download the app to a compatible Windows, Android or IOS device and login
  • Install FMD+Automate on your main systems for automatic processing.
  • Give the SDK to your developers for them to integrate it into your programs.

Whichever way you choose to capture and send the transactions to your account the platform will take care of the rest.

For a more detailed look at how this affects your business please select your sector from the list below:

Using the web portal you can login and see all transactions from all users. You can drill down on any transactions to see the detail and view any error messages in real time.

As a manager you can login to the portal and can invite new users to the system. And you can create and maintain your company locations.

As a manager you can also see all the devices that are connected to the system. An indicator on the device shows how active they are.