This would allow stock to be transferred to other hospital locations or returned to a supplier.

Using the scan app could not be easier. Simply leave it on the bench and scan the bar code as the packs are being packed.

If there is a large consignment going out to a department or ward the app can be put into box mode which allows all the items to be scanned as a batch and then sent to the hub for deregistration.

How does FMD+ help you?

  • Scan app sends lines for processing immediately after scan.
  • Scan app works at your pace no matter how fast or slow the NMVS is.
  • Scan app can work in box mode for large quantity supplies.
  • FMD+ Automate can be used to aid integration of automatic robot equipment.
  • FMD+ platform checks for pharmacy duplicate scans and notifies.
  • Undo operations can be performed from any terminal as transactions are processed in strict order
  • FMD+ portal keeps a log of every transaction and the result from the hub.
  • FMD+ dashboard shows statistics for every location, device and user.
  • FMD+ working for you…