During dispensing it is necessary on certain scripts that the quantity needs to be fulfilled by splitting a pack. At this point if the TPS (tamper proof seal) is removed the pack should be scanned and deregistered.

If mistakes are made during the assembly or checking a pack that has been deregistered can go through an undo. The process is as simple as the deregister, Put the scan app into undo mode and scan the barcode – easy! Just remember to put the app back into the deregister mode before scanning the next product.

If a pack is damaged and needs to be disposed of it should be scanned first in the stock write off mode.

Pharmacies should be careful with wholesaler returns as any product that has been deregistered will not be accepted for credit.

How does FMD+ help you?

  • Scan app sends lines for processing immediately after scan.
  • Scan app works at your pace no matter how fast or slow the NMVS is.
  • FMD+ platform checks for pharmacy duplicate scans and notifies.
  • Undo operations can be performed from any terminal as transactions are processed in strict order
  • FMD+ portal keeps a log of every transaction and the result from the hub.
  • FMD+ dashboard shows statistics for every location (pharmacy), device and user.
  • FMD+ working for you…