Supply of goods from a source other than the MAH / Original manufacturer.

Goods purchased in this way will need to have to be scanned and the batch of serial numbers sent to the NMVS for verification before they can be accepted into the wholesale stock.

Customer Returns

All stock returned from a customer must be scanned and verified and the safety feature should be checked before being accepted back into stock.

Damaged goods / Disposal

Any stock that is damaged and needs to be written off has to be deregistered before disposal. This is done by scanning the products involved with the scanning system in the write off mode as a write off is a separate transaction type on the NMVS.

Section 23 Customers

Some customers are exempt from the FMD regulations. This includes Dentists, Veterinary practices and many more.

When supplying goods to this category of customer the medicinal products must be scanned and deregistered prior to supplying to the customer.

Should stock be returned from these customers the undo registration scan would need to be done provided the stock was returned in the timescale currently 10 days and the processing of the return is done at the same location as the deregistration.

Export Customers

Any product that is being exported out of the EU will need to be deregistered before it leaves the premises.

How does FMD+ help you?

  • Scan app works in both single scan mode and box mode for large batches ie at Goods inward.
  • FMD+ Automate can be used to automate wholesale processes and integrate into existing applications.
  • FMD+ portal keeps a log of every transaction and the result from the hub.
  • FMD+ dashboard shows statistics for every location, device and user.
  • FMD+ working for you…